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Suzanne Cheatham, LCSW, PSW

Wellness SErvices 

At AMA, we recognize mental health as a key factor in the overall wellness and academic success of our students.

Mental Health encompasses our emotional, social, and psychological health. In an effort to improve student stress management, problem solving, and ability to bounce back from life's challenges, the Psychiatric Social Worker (PSW) is accessible to students during school hours, Monday through Friday throughout the school year.

During Fall 2020, wellness services will continue to be available to AMA students and families online!

Virtual services include:

  • Video or Telephone:
    • Wellness Check-in
    • Brief Counseling
  • Student Wellness Education
    • Classroom Presentations (social emotional learning/SEL)
    • School wide Wellness Campaigns
  • Advisor to PEI Mental Health Student Task Force
  • Advisor to Human Rights Club
  • Providing Families with Linkages to Community Resources and Services

If you would like to learn more or discuss support services specific to your student, please contact Ms. Cheatham (PSW). 

Suzanne Cheatham, LCSW, PSW

COVID-19 Resources

Please see HOME PAGE for COMMUNITY RESOURCES in Response to COVID-19 or Click the Covid Resource Button above.

Psychiatric Social Worker

My name is Suzanne Cheatham and I am a Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW) and the school Psychiatric Social Worker (PSW) who provides social and emotional support for students at Carson Academy of Medical Arts High School.  I earned a Master’s Degree at the University of Southern California in Social Work and it is a privilege and honor to work with school staff and serve the students and families at this school.  

As the school PSW, I provide mental health consultation, behavioral intervention, individual/group/family therapy, and collaboration with staff, administrators, parents, and other support providers. I am onsite Monday through Friday in the main office.

Please contact me for any additional assistance with resources or support during this time. 

-Ms. Cheatham, LCSW