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Drug and Alcohol Awareness


Ø CISAAP is important as a coalition because if we have diverse organizations coming together, it will show how we are united as a community. --- Janelle Rivera (Carson Student Movement Youth Advocate)
Ø We have experienced people to work out the issues of drugs and its dangers as well as underage drinking. --- Roberto Huizar (Victory Outreach Church Representative)

Ø CISAAP is important because it provides help and support in preventing the use of drugs and abuse of alcohol. --- Daisy Lopez-Valdez (Carson High School Health Occupation Students of America (HOSA) President)

Ø There is nothing like it created thus far.  It is important to have an organization that serves the community. --- Cookie Partansky (Carson Park and Recreation Department Representative)

Ø CISAAP is important because it brings a sense of togetherness and unity to the city.  It gives each race an opportunity to come together as a community for a cause. --- Sharina De Leon (Carson Student Movement Youth Advocate)

Ø CISAAP will be able help the City of Carson become a drug free zone to children. --- Sean Hernandez (Carson Student Movement Youth Advocate)

Ø CISAAP will be able to unite all the organizations here in the City of Carson, youth, and elders.  All different but working towards the same goal as a drug free community. --- Jazmin-Joy Aquino (Carson Student Movement Youth Advocate)

Ø CISAAP as a coalition is important in the City of Carson because it allows a diverse group of people to gather and work as one for a good cause. As a group, we are able to share our different ideas.  As a group, we are also capable of making a greater and bigger difference compared to the efforts of just one person.  Our efforts can lead to a drug free community. --- Maria Abigail A. Guzman (Carson Student Movement Youth Advocate)

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