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Mission and Vision

The Academy of Medical Arts Mission

The Academy of Medical Arts fosters academic scholars and empathetic future health professionals who advocate for healthy families, healthy communities and quality health care.


The Academy of Medical Arts Vision

The Academy of Medical Arts prepares students for college, career, and life through…

  • Connecting classroom knowledge, real world experience, and hands-on health science and medical practice.
  • Educating 100% of its students, and challenging students to reach mastery of academic and career technical education standards.
  • Preparing all students for civic participation through the  Habits of Heart and Mind and HOSA Future Health Professionals service projects.
  • Utilizing multiple lenses to examine health science and medical practices around the world.
  • Exploring broad interconnected health and medical practices and learning to make ethical decisions to benefit humankind.
  • Embracing technological and entrepreneurial ideas in the pursuit of wellness, artistic expression, and medical advancement.
  • Excelling through academic study in conjunction with work-based exploration beyond the school walls.


The Academy of Medical Arts Values interdisciplinary educational experiences, the democratic process, student voice, shared leadership, community partners, and learning that extends beyond the school walls. Teamwork is a hallmark of our culture. Staff members will regularly reflect and share ideas openly through verbal and written communication. Students will actively participate in school leadership, academic exploration, and Health Occupation Students of America. Parents will actively support and monitor student progress and will attend school functions. Community members will provide work-based learning opportunities and foster a relationship with the school to support local community health initiatives.


Academy of Medical Arts’ Student Expectations and Procedures

1.     Students are expected to wear a lanyard everyday. The lanyard is issued at the beginning of the year and identifies a student as a member of AMA. Students will not be issued passes or be considered to be practicing best work habits or citizenship without the lanyard. Lanyards keep our students safe. There is a fee for replacing a lanyard.


2.     Students are expected to be on time to class everyday.  Academic minutes are important. Excessive tardiness results in lower grades and other consequences. Attendance is valued and rewarded!


3.     Students are expected to prepare for each class everyday. Each student should check Schoology, School Loop, and his or her planner to ensure awareness of the day’s work and expectations.


4.     Students are expected to have the highest standards of academic integrity. Absolutely no plagiarism, cheating on tests or exams, copying of homework, or use of written work other than student’s original ideas will be tolerated. Students who do plagiarize or cheat will receive NO CREDIT on the assignment and if a second incident occurs, the parents will be brought in for a conference. Additional infractions will result in a behavior contract and a note on the student's permanent record. Please note: if a student is caught copying another student's paper, both students receive no credit.


5.     Students are expected to put away cell phones during class. In fact, students are asked to refrain from using any personal electronic device during instructional minutes unless given approval by teachers for polling, research, or calendar work. Students are not permitted to take photos, tweet, text, or use social media during class unless working on a teacher-approved assignment. Each student signs an agreement upon enrollment that he or she will not use electronics during class time and students are expected to honor that agreement. Teachers will also refrain from using their phones for personal calls or personal business during instructional minutes.


6.     AMA is a bully-free zone. Students are expected to honor the bully-free atmosphere and concentrate on advancing academic and health science knowledge.  Students are expected to accept, tolerate, and include all students regardless of gender, ethnicity, religion, race, sexual preference/identity, and socioeconomic status. All future health professionals must begin now to live by this code of shared humanity.


7.     Students are expected to dress appropriately and according to AMA dress code each day. Hats other than COLT hats are not to be worn. Students should dress for success as future health professionals.


Working towards graduation...

Student Learning Expectations


Students who graduate from the Academy of Medical Arts will be:


  1. Critical thinkers and problem solvers
        • Identify problems, create hypotheses, and develop a plan.
        • Articulate reasoning based on data/evidence.
        • Apply skills to real-life situations.


  1. Strong collaborators
        • Practice interpersonal skills.
        • Build trust and confidence to work with others.
        • Coordinate with others to convey ideas to diverse audiences.


  1. Effective communicators
        • Well-versed in verbal & nonverbal communication.
        • Speak, listen, read and write reflectively and critically.
        • Practice social etiquette across settings (interpersonal/online).


  1. Empathetic Community Members
        • Understand how local and global issues affect their community
        • Engage in collective action to support their community
        • Show care and compassion for others who are in need

Habits of the Heart and Mind

Academy of Medical Arts' Habits of Heart and Mind foci:






Service to the Community




Ethical Behavior










This is a No-Bully Zone

Teacher Teams Learn Too

Teacher Teams Learn Too